Why Does Marie Claire Let Gretchen Voss Publish?

As a prolonged time reader of Marie Claire journal, I was most depressed to read Gretchen Voss attacking Pastor Melissa Scott in a recent concern. I had generally believed Marie Claire celebrated the individuality of women of all ages, and our freedom to the two care for ourselves and do what we want with our careers. This article was so out of sync with what Marie Claire purports to be, I identified it hard to feel that one particular of my favourite reads could have authorized some thing like this.

This report starts off off with Gretchen Voss enjoying the part of a self-righteous preacher who mainly condemns Pastor Melissa Scott to hell mainly because Scott "allegedly" posed nude when she was young. Of class Scott under no circumstances confirms nor denies the accusation, but Voss functions as if it's an open up and shut circumstance and quickly jumps to the summary that Scott is of the very same ilk as Swaggert and Bakker.

I had to shake my head in wonder, simply because in another report, Voss celebrates her personal independence of selection to terminate her being pregnant.
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Voss's position on that topic is hardly one that suitable-wingers would heat up to. But then she flip-flops when working with Scott, and in a finish job-reversal, crawls into bed with the Christian Fundamentalists and begins railing on Pastor Melissa Scott (for alleged "past sins") even worse than any proper-wing zealot. I've read Christian Fundamentalists who blog site about just the very same issues that Gretchen was indicating. In reality, it virtually seems like Gretchen Voss took the tale straight off the Fundamentalist Website web sites. They say Pastor Scott shouldn't be authorized to preach mainly because she's a lady due to the fact she's not righteous, mainly because of her alleged past, and many others. These blogs produced me ill, and Gretchen's copycat posting can make me even sicker.

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